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The Work of Ginger Cox

Sam Cox

For his Artistic Cutlery™ and music ventures, click on Sam.

I’ve been a ‘maker’ since an early age—from flower containers and pencil holders as a child—to duck calls, knives, musical instruments, our home, and other buildings as an adult.

I trust you will enjoy this site concerning: family history, Cox Calls™, Artistic Cutlery™ and Cox Works. My books Starting Over and SOS investigate trumpets, trumpet mouthpieces, denture plates, dental appliances, and embouchure development. Also presented is information of our travels and research projects. I’m now enthusiastically pursuing 50 and 80-yard target shooting which is surprisingly similar to many of my trumpet techniques.

Thank you for your interest!

Blessings Sam

Ginger Cox

For her speaking, writing, photography, and Israel trips, click on Ginger.

After retiring from public education, my attention shifted to writing, speaking, and photography.

In my section of this website, learn about WRAP Sessions with God—a morning routine which transformed my spiritual growth. Enjoy samples of my nature photography (I call “picture parables”) and photos from several Israel tours. My favorite trip was when I hosted a spiritual seminar to Israel. I hope you will also enjoy a few pages from my meditative photo book, Gifts of God’s Grace: Beauty at Our Feet.I continue to teach adult Sunday School, lead spiritual enrichment workshops, and work on my next book.

Come and browse. I delight in sharing what I’ve learned about God and His wondrous creation.

Have a great day! Ginger
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